Management Consulting

We are a team comprising of 40+ years of business management experience. Focused on using our unique digital engagement portfolio, we are your one-stop-shop!!

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Randomized Rewards Engagement

Scratch Card, Jackpot, Shake and Win. Check out all the different digital gaming options we have!

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Technology Development

We don't do websites, we build systems. We build integrated systems using AI and automating processes. Allowing our clients to increase their revenue opportunities.

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Our digital loyalty punch card is so versatile that you can fully customize and integrate. Completing your digital marketing strategy

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Food Ordering System

Self-ordering eCommerce portal. Built for mobile no app is needed! Can be deployed within weeks.

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Who are we?

We use mobile technology and artificial intelligence to automate business processes, transform engagement between our clients and their customers, and maximize revenue. Our centralized, fully integrated technology platform spans the complete service life-cycle, from development to marketing to after-sales servicing. Intuidot generates human resources cost savings, reduces the operational time spent on each transaction, and allows businesses to communicate and prioritize their products and services directly to their customers using both traditional and new media.