Covid-19 has changed the way we do business across most industries but the hospitality industry got especially effected. Restaurants of any size I-BPA Restaurant module makes an affordable, flexible solution to help businesses quickly get online.

Our system is so agile that you have inventory controls, cash process, merchant service connection so you can accept Visa, M/C or Amex and more! Know Your Customer” KYC has finally come to you, no matter what size business you have.

Your customers don’t need to download another cumbersome mobile app but still get the full experience of one!

  • Administrative tablet and wireless printer available, so you don’t miss an order and the kitchen can operate without the delay **
  • Touchless transactions, you customers can complete their entire transaction from their device
  • Fully customize the look and feel for your business
  • Available in Spanish and English
  • SMS, Email, and other messengers connected
  • Can be integrated into existing POS, or easily export into a number of file types including CSV
  • Inventory controls so your customers know what you have available, no need to create a bad impression
**Tablet and Printer are optional and can be purchased separately. Intuidot will sell any equipment at the lowest possible cost.

Step up from just taking orders but also offer promotions and gamification to your customers. Ask us how we can expand your business!

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