We are technologists. All our projects are built around our client’s needs. Our discovery process ensures that you get the technology and service you need together with our agile project management approach makes sure your project is done right and on time!

To support our development team we have a design, product and program management, commercial and technical consultants to ensure your project is delivered on specification, and on time!

“We back up all our work” which means we make sure we complete the job to your satisfaction. We know that needs and requirements change constantly during development this means we work with you when building out your needs. We make sure that any changes minimally affect the bottom line. If the project doesn’t take a major turn in a different direction, we always do our best to work within our agreed budget.

Our Process

I.            Requirements gathering. Usually, this is our first milestone. Any agreed amount for this milestone is paid after approving the requirements document. This ensures that we know that we are following the right expectations!

II.           Design approval – based on the results of our first milestone, we have our graphic art and engineering teams design and ensure the functions areas you require. This is the suggested second milestone is paid after you approve the project designs.

III.            During the functional buildout, we integrate into Trello to ensure you have access to the latest updates. We will also email you on a consistent basis.

IV.            Once your project enters the final milestone, we will conduct acceptance testing together to ensure all your requirements are met. At this final milestone, we ensure your project is working, the final payment is usually paid upon approval.

V.              Once you have your project we will follow up with you on a biweekly basis for about 2 months to ensure everything is OK! Of course, we are always there to support and ensure all hiccups are addressed immediately at any time.  

Integrating Solutions

Intuidot has a pre-built fully integrated front end that can be a top layer to any function or system. With pre-integration into CRIF’s decision-making platform making implementing a full-on digital marketing platform with decision making easy.

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