Stimulate Sales and Incentive for customers through an agile promotional model.

Marketing Solutions

The heart of Intuidot’s unique experience is it’s customized building blocks. We focus all our elements on the user experience that maximize the user’s interaction.

Randomized Gaming

Random Digital Jackpot Machine
  • Scratch Cards, Jackpot Gaming, Phone Shaking, the interaction that is appropriate for your campaign or promotion;
  • Integrate into your Point of Sale, so you can track your customers and what makes them click;
  • Full digital marketing integration, fast and low-cost way to capture customer data;
  • Fully mobile integrated, SMS, Email built-in or connect directly to any other messaging platform
  • Fully automated, connect to your customers fast and easy
  • No app required!
  • Perfect for any existing marketing campaign

Agile Digital Promotion

Loyalty Platform

  • Intuidot’s Pre-built simple digital punch card solution
  • Points accumulation and controlled spending environment
  • Digital marketing integration
  • Integrate into any Point of Sale system or stand-alone with easy to create SKU’s
  • QR code creator and reader included
  • Integrated SMS, email integration
  • Market directly to your loyal customers

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