Virtual Experience

Give your users a feeling like they are at your event


Engage in ways you never new possible, live concerts, games, and more


Connect new and old ways, video, real time chat, bot chats

Virtual World Tour by Boost Powered by Intuidot

Create a Custom


Coupled with eCommerce, inventory controls, and more


Video Chat, brochure reviews, contact sharing, have the feel like you are there!


Live music, avatar dancing, and more, making being there more real

Connect with users in a unique way

Drive service signups!

Expedite new service and product signups using StrategyOne by Crif


Intuidot helps and works with credit card acceptance globally, keep inventory controls, product scanning, and more

Chat Bots

Integrate with Intuidots partners to offer a smart AI based chat bot that can work on just about any messaging service. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Email and more!

Live Customer Service with Identity

Have a fully immersed call with customer service through video, sign up to services, using bio-metrics confirms identification, reduce fraud, and reduce costs.

Live Seminars

give a presentation live, while allow viewers and users to actively participate

Video and more

Allow for live streaming radio, TV, and other services to interact with your users

Let your users


Connect to social media platforms


Utilize games and other productivity tools


Mimic real location , and allow users to explore and free play

Mobile Ready

The user simply turns their mobile device and menu options are reorganized for a mobile

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